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Chance Creek Cowboys – Cora Seton

The fictional town of Chance Creek, is a busy place with its local businesses and the people who run them, and the families from the ranches and farms coming into to town for supplies, and the local police and fire brigade overseeing and protecting them all. It is a real treasure trove of engaging  stories and great characters for Cora Seton to plunder, and plunder she does, with 26 books published plus one novella, across five series.

Chance Creek Cowboys Seton

Chance Creek Cowboys follows the romantic fortunes of a group of brothers and their friends and relatives, as they try to ride the path to love and happiness. Each book is a different character who had a dilemma or issue that needs to be resolved. Chance Creek is a lively community, and although each book can be read alone, the town and its people link each book and each series. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed all the books as a couple have fallen by the wayside, mainly because the plot didn’t grab my attention enough. The Cowgirl Ropes A Billionaire  is one of those; I hate those kind of reality TV programmes so I have no interest in reading a novel the includes one,  I’m sure however, it is a great book for those that don’t mind. I have however enjoyed the seven that I’ve read, some more than others, but there’s only a hair’s breadth between them. Whether you are a fan of cowboys or not, these romances will keep you glued to the page. Cora’s books are well-paced, peopled with believable characters, and engage the reader with fascinating plot lines, so much so you are eager for the hero to get his girl, the girl to get her man, and everyone to live happily ever after. When a new title comes out, I devour it in one go; these are romances that will make you leave the dust to gather while you busy yourself reading.

My favourite so far is The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride, which pivots around the latest in a running series of practical joke,  between Ethan Cruz and Rob Matheson. Rob recorded Ethan’s rather drunk speech about wanting a wife and what his perfect wife would be like. He then uploads this one to the internet unbeknownst to Ethan, and when the responses start coming in the joke gets even better. His friends vet the applicants and chose one,  Autumn Leeds.  She has her own reasons for responding, she’s about to lose her job at CityPretty magazine, and this modern-day cowboy’s plea for a mail-order bride could be the saving of her career. Of course, the path to true love is littered with deep ruts, wide potholes, and a goodly number of twists and turns.



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