Lipstick and Lies

Lipstick and Lies – Debbie Viggiano

Viggiano LipstickI’m not going to put a plot synopsis in as I don’t like spoilers. Suffice to say that Lipstick and Lies is a sequel to Stockings and Cellulite, and it’s just as mad and hilarious as its predecessor. In fact, I downloaded this one immediately I had finished the first, I enjoyed it so much.

Cassandra’s  a good mum, though her cooking is not so good, she is permanently exhausted, and life is noisy, chaotic, and utterly recognisable. Cass is convinced an ex-girlfriend is out to split up Cass and her husband. He thinks she’s misreading the situation because she’s tired and has issues with the woman anyway. He’s stressed because it all connected to his job. In the middle of this, the ex-husband goes missing. We end up on a veritable high-speed, joyride trying to prove Cass is right. As always aided and abetted by her equally daft but adorable friends.

I love its portrayal of life with babies, the screaming, puking, pooing, and general inability to sleep when you need them to or stay awake when you don’t. There are no yummy mummies in this book; kidnapping and murder are the order of the day, with side dishes of hormonal kids, insane sex lives, ‘silver’ romance, and general mayhem.  If you liked the first, you’ll like this too.

Again, it would have been great to have had more of the relationship between Cass and her husband. I feel that I knew more about Morag and Matt than them.

As before, this is a light, hilarious book, and so much fun to read. I definitely recommend giving it a go. I like being made to laugh out loud, (it happens so rarely when I’m reading), so I’m also going to have a read of some of Debbie’s other books.

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