Bank Holiday Book Haul : Part 1

Although I review romance novels via Rachel’s Random Resources,  I do read other genres as the fancy takes me. So for those who read my blog and reviews, it makes sense to show the books I buy for myself. I love a good charity shop rummage and have to limit myself otherwise I walk out with two large bags full.

I read mainly on my Kindle these days, and my e-library is growing rapidly, but I still like to have real thing. I picked up three quite different books, each dark in their own way and in varying degrees, from just a little bit dark through to OMG, Lock the Door! All from Oxfam. It’s just as well that I went into the charity shop after I’d been to the bookshop, but more of that in a later post.

I’ve given links so you can buy your own digital copies; they are all very cheap, falling between £1.59 and £3.32.

There is no way to calculate when I’ll read these, but I had to have them. One is certainly being saved for those dark winter evenings when no-one know what lurks in the bushes…

What I need is a very long holiday, somewhere off the beaten track, , so I can just relax and read, read, read.

Charity Shop


Dark Book Haul 25082018


So, first out of the charity book haul gate is Skarlet by Thomas Emson.

Book Haul MiniFear grips London as dozens of clubbers die after taking a sinister new drug. But that’s only the beginning. 48 hours later, the dead clubbers wake up – and it’s open season on the living, who are butchered for their blood. Soon, London gives a name to its terror:VAMPIRES
Jake Lawton, bitter and betrayed after the Iraq War, find himself fighting another battle – against the growing army of immortal hunters and their human cohorts. Lawton joins forces with the journalist who brought about his downfall and the dealer tricked into distributing the drug. And together they take on the spineless authorities, the ruthless cohorts, and the hungry dead. But the vampire plague unleashed in London is nothing to what lurks beneath the streets –

Waiting to be fed . . . 
Waiting to be resurrected . . . 
Waiting to reign again over a city of human slaves . . .

Just the tale to read on a dark winter’s night, curled up in your armchair, this one I’m saving for later in the year.

When it comes to the werewolf – vampire debate, I’m firmly in the vampire camp. I love a good neck-nibbler yarn! Years ago I enjoyed the original Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith, then came the Twilight novels, and more. See my recommended book post coming tomorrow.

Buy your own copy HERE


Next is The Witchfinder’s Well by Jonathan Posner

Book Haul MiniTudor England – a dangerous world where a few wrong words can get you accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. So when a freak electrical storm sends modern-day girl Justine Parker time-travelling back to 1565, she quickly becomes the target of sinister witchfinder Matthew Hopkirk. Justine must use all her cunning and ingenuity to keep one step ahead of Hopkirk. But not only must she save herself, she also has to save her new love, Sir William de Beauvais, from the early death she knows history has decreed for him. Can Justine save herself from Hopkirk? And what if she saves Sir William from one fate, only to pitch him into another, even more deadly? 

Not really too dark a book, but it’s set in the Tudor period, and revolves around a Witchfnder. Given that being found guilty of witchcraft at this time could land you on top of a burning pyre, with the local peasantry screaming burn the witch, it’s fairly scary.

Buy a copy HERE

The final book is The Fantastic Book of Everybody’s Secrets from acclaimed, award-winning crime writer, Sophie Hannah.

Book Haul MiniThe Secret’s finally out…but beware, once you’ve read Sophie Hannah’s fantastic stories, everyday life will never seem the same again… Everybody has their secrets, and in Sophie Hannah’s fantastic stories the curtains positively twitch with them. Who, for instance, is the hooded figure hiding in the bushes outside a young man’s house? Why does the same stranger keep appearing in the background of a family’s holiday photographs? Why does a woman stand mesmerised by two children in a school playground, children she’s never met but whose names she knows well? What is the former deputy director of a literature festival doing sorting soiled laundry in a shabby hotel? All will be revealed…but at a cost. As Sophie Hannah uncovers the dark obsessions and strange longings behind the most ordinary relationships, everyday life will never seem quite the same again.

Sends a thrilling chill down my spine. I’ve read a couple of Sophie Hannah’s books and thoroughly enjoyed them. As I’m partial to the odd short story, this falls into the realms of  perfect reading for research trips.

Buy a copy HERE

Dark Book Haul 25082018




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