Heartshaped’s Neck-Nibblers! 

Recommended Reading

Heartshaped’s Recommended Neck-Nibbler Books! 


There’s nothing quite like a good vampire novel to get the blood surging and the nerves tingling. None of the hairy Werewolf nonsense! Over recent years we’ve had a plethora of books, TV series, and films dedicated to vampires, all of which were set to chill and most definitely thrill.

Here are some of my favourite books, and some of my favourite on-screen vampires.Angel

If you buy any of these books, please post a short review in the comments after you have read it.   If I like your review, I’ll feature it in a full post. 

Prices are for E-Books

The Coldest Girl In Town  Holly Black**  £4.99

Glass Houses  Rachel Caine**  £4.74Erik

Vampire Kisses  Ellen Schreiber**  £2.49

Already Dead  Charlie Huston  £3.99

Dead Until Dark  Charlaine Harris  £3.99Spike

Sunshine  Robin McKinley (VERY cheap 2nd-hand paperbacks)

Let The Right One In  John Ajvide Lindqvist  £4.99

The Passage   Justin Cronin  £3.99Aidan

** fantastic Teen/Young Adult books I recommended to vampire loving adults



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