Trusting Molly

by Susan Stoker

New title – publication date: 13th July 2021

When Mark “Smoke” Chamberlin ventures into the Nigerian jungle with his team of government assassins, his mission is clear: get in, kill the target, and make it out alive. With his extensive military experience, Smoke has no problem heading into dangerous territory. When it comes to love, though, he’s always been a little wary. But then he meets the beautiful, intrepid Molly Smith.
Schoolteacher Molly has been trying to outrun a lifetime of bad luck, and now she finds herself kidnapped along with a hundred schoolgirls in the jungle. But when Smoke finds them, Molly thinks her luck might be turning around—until she returns to the US to find her beloved grandparents murdered.
Devastated by their deaths and mystified by the turn of events, Molly turns to Smoke for comfort. But as Molly and Smoke grow closer, a different threat emerges…one that will put their relationship to the test and their lives in grave danger.

I’ve read a few Susan Stoker novels and liked them., but this one I loved.

One point though, Molly isn’t a schoolteacher, it makes little difference to the story but read the book to find out about it.

Molly and Mark being in their middle and late 30s, gives their story a more mature outlook yet losing none of the edgy excitement, physical sensations, or passionate emotions. This book isn’t littered with rampant sex scenes, rather better, it builds the sexual tension slowly, and far more potently.

The manner of their meeting, the sheer horror of what has happened to Molly, and how she deals with it, and the support of Mark and his team, builds a truly deep, heartfelt romance. Molly learns to overcome adverse behaviours and beliefs instilled in her from childhood (such as the belief that she brings bad luck) to become the lovely woman that she really is.

The stalker element adds a tense dimension to the book, another layer of fear and chilling anticipation. Along with Mark and the Silverstone team’s support, this is an element that also brings Molly into her own, letting go of the damaging shackles of her past.

I love that Susan Stoker makes Mark so insightful. Not only does he recognise the negativity instilled in Molly through her life, but he is fully aware of his own shortcomings and weak spots. Even though he is a confident, skilled black-ops agent, he is as unsure how to behave around Molly, as she is around him. They each know they are attracted to the other, they just don’t know if other feels the same. Its delightful to read how they dance and shuffle round each other. One thing is clear to Mark – he wants her. Molly wants Mark, but her self-doubt and damaged ego won’t let her see past the obstacles she has built around him.

How they come together is a tense but beautiful story. If you like a slow-burn romance with an edgy thriller aspect, then you’d be a fool not to read Trusting Molly.

If you haven’t read any of her others, this is a good place to start. You don’t need to read the series. I cannot recommend the author highly enough, and this is, so far, one of the best Susan Stoker books that I have read. 

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