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I have a varied background but for 17 years, until 2017, I was a bookseller, and I LOVED it despite the pay. Most of my free time for several decades was spent researching various historical topics and family trees. In the last few years I have dedicated more time to history, and written and contributed to books and journals. I am now researching and writing more or less full time.

BookwormMy parents told me my first word was ‘book’, so reading is a huge passion and a major part of my life, second only to my family. I live with my husband, two adult children, two selectively deaf dogs, enough books to start my own library, and a hankering to move to the far north. When time allows I indulge my passion for photography, and take the photographs for my books. Apart from that, I’m addicted to cheese, crisps, cake, and all my various bits of technology.  I detest bad manners, intolerance, cruelty, internet trolls, and reality TV of the Big Brother, models, weddings and wedding dresses kind.


These are my opinions, posted on my blog. You may disagree with them, you may have vehemently opposing views, please express your opinion, disagree with me but tell me why,  and do so politely and kindly. Keep posts clean and abuse free. Ultimately it must be understood that, within in confines of the law and the platform providers T&Cs, this is MY blog, with MY rules, and MY opinions. Any form of trolling, rudeness, abuse, or anything I deem unacceptable, will be deleted. Life is too short to put up with that nonsense.


Please share and give credit, don’t copy/plagiarise. Don’t use my blog to advertise you. If you have an idea that is mutually beneficial, contact me.

But please, above all else…
Keep Calm Romance
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