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Having had to review a wide variety of genres when I was a Bookseller, and often books that I didn’t choose to read, this blog is about reviewing romance novels, as well as some Teen, YA, and New Adult books, as the mood takes me. My books are everything to me. One of my favourite quotes, which I believe wholeheartedly, is:



Basically, I’m done with reading books I haven’t chosen for myself, and I’m done with reading books I don’t want to read.

I don’t like book-snobs, so please note that you will find all manner and all levels of books reviewed here. I will give my honest opinion always. I use the star grading system to indicate how much I enjoyed and liked the book, not how worthy,  literary, or well-written it is. This means you may well find a not very well-written book with the same rating as a literary classic.

The books I review fall evenly between those I have purchased, those borrowed from the library, and those I have received as a proof or advanced reading copy, but the reviews will always be my honest opinion.

Reviewing Requests


My reading time is limited, so I wish to make the most of it and read only what appeals to me, so please note:

HSBS is primarily about Romance, Teen, Young Adult, and New Adult.

I am happy for publisher’s to contact me via email or Twitter.

Don’t request reviews for genres I don’t or won’t read.

I read Historical Romance but do not ask me to review history books.

Don’t email me a copy of your book.

Rachels Random Resources

I am one of RRR’s bloggers. I get to choose from what is going on tour, and have a date set to post my review. This works well for me. If you are an author wishing to get your book reviewed and ‘out there’, I recommend you check out her website.  Let me be clear though; I have nothing to gain from recommending Rachel apart from reading books, I’ve never met her, but via email I have found her to be friendly, efficient, and far better organised than me!


These are my opinions, posted on my blog. You may disagree with them, you may have vehemently opposing views, and thats good. Please feel free to comment, express your opinion, disagree with me but tell me why,  just do so politely and kindly. Keep posts clean and abuse free. Ultimately it must be understood that, within in confines of the law and the platform providers T&Cs, this is MY blog, with MY rules, and MY opinions. Any form of trolling, rudeness, abuse, or anything I deem unacceptable, will be deleted. Life is too short to put up with that nonsense.

Use and Abuse

Please share, don’t copy. Don’t use my blog to advertise you. If you have an idea that is mutually beneficial, contact me.

But please, above all else…
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