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I’ve had many jobs over the years, my favourite was being a Bookseller which I did for nearly 20 years, and one of the rewards was being classed as a Professional Reader. Being an historian doesn’t pay the bills. While I research, write, and read history, I read Romance to relax. I also love Teen, Young and New Adult novels, some of the greatest writing and novels have come from these genres in recent years. I do pay the occasional visit to Crime, Horror, and Sci-Fi, but not often. My books are everything to me. Punishment was and is to take my books away, and I have so many, our home is practically insulated by them. One of my favourite quotes, which I believe wholeheartedly, is:




I really don’t like book-snobs, so please note that you will find all manner and all levels of books reviewed here. I will give my honest opinion always. If I don’t like a book I’ll say why, but will also find something good to say to. On Goodreads, I use the star grading system to indicate how much I enjoyed the book and liked the story, not how worthy,  literary, or well-written it is. So you are quite likely find a not very well-written book with the same rating as a literary classic. Anyone who has dedicated the hours needed to write a book, deserves to be treated fairly. I dislike cruel and brutal reviews, they are not constructive. The books I review fall evenly between those I have purchased, those borrowed from the library, and those I have received as a proof or advanced reading copy, but the reviews will always be my honest opinion.


I hate them and I despise reviewers who don’t warn you that they are included in their review.  So my reviews will be missing plot detail, may be a little stilted sometimes, or awkward,  but I will not include spoilers.

Yoda Spoilers


These are my opinions, posted on my blog. You may disagree with them, you may have vehemently opposing views, and thats good. Please feel free to comment, express your opinion, disagree with me but tell me why,  just do so politely and kindly. Keep posts clean and abuse free.

Ultimately it must be understood that, within in confines of the law and the platform providers T&Cs, this is MY blog, with MY rules, and MY opinions. Any form of trolling, rudeness, or abuse, will be deleted.

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Please share, don’t copy. Don’t use my blog to advertise you. If you have an idea that is mutually beneficial, contact me.

And please, above all else…
Keep Calm Romance

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