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Stories of Obsession

  Obsession takes many forms, and is enacted in many ways. Literature is awash with characters whose lives have been struck down, and diminished by their or someone else’s obsession. Dorian Gray is obsessed with youthful looks, very apropos today. He sees the portrait of himself … ‘How […]

Book Burning

It’s a sad day here at HSBS after reading this article today. Its about a bookshop in Berkeley California, called Revolution Books targeted by demonstrators. Check out their website – I would certainly shop there (maybe not for romance – though you never know…). This is what they say about […]

Ten Books about Cheating

Contemporary works about romantic infidelity – Jamie Quatro The assumption that male writers can have sexually transgressive imaginations while female novelists should be more demure is passé. If we’re going to secure gender equality, we must be allowed the same imaginative expression, on the page, as our male […]

Sex, Jealousy, and Gender

Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, 80 years on This is a very interesting article on Daphne du Maurier, a fascinating and controversial character, as well as a supremely gifted author. While she is a romantic novelist, her books don’t necessarily have happy endings, while some can be brooding, mysterious, with […]